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At Weetwood Hall Estate, we are committed to sustaining and promoting a positive culture towards environmental awareness.

  • Recycling stations
  • Environmentally friendly crockery
  • Refillable glass water bottles
  • Regionally sourced food

Further green opportunities are available to residential guests, including a towel re-use programme, recycling in the bedrooms and public transport to and from the Estate.

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Environment & Sustainability

At Weetwood Hall Estate, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. We believe that along with our status as an award-winning hotel with conference facilities in Leeds comes a responsibility to our surroundings and to ensuring a sustainable future. We are therefore constantly looking to improve our environmental sustainability performance.

Being committed to upholding an eco-friendly consciousness within our Yorkshire hotel, we have a number of environmental strategies in place aimed at promoting a positive culture towards environmental issues within Weetwood Hall Estate Ltd.


As a means of reducing our carbon footprint, Weetwood Hall Estate uses upgraded technology to ensure we only use electricity when it is needed. A computerised building management system is used to control the hotel’s energy usage.

The lightbulbs used in the Weetwood Hall Estate conference centre and hotel are either energy saving or LED. Light sensors are used in appropriate places to ensure electricity is not wasted. Appliances such as the televisions in the bedrooms are switched off and not left on standby in between guests. Office teams practice similar diligence by ensuring office equipment is switched off. The data projectors in our conference centre are set to eco-mode as standard.


Our four-star hotel in Yorkshire proudly has a ‘Green Team’ in operation which closely monitors the consumption of our utilities.

During the summer months, bedroom radiators at Weetwood Hall Estate are switched off and set to two in the winter.


Despite increased bedroom occupancy at Weetwood Hall Estate, we are proud to announce our water consumption has reduced by 7.8 per cent during the last year. In order to reduce water consumption, our Leeds hotel has, where possible, upgraded showerheads and sink taps.

Furthermore, in our stylish and state-of-the-art conference venue in Leeds, the bottled water we provide for delegates is filtered and carbonated onsite.

Guest Amenities

If you are staying in our contemporary hotel rooms in Leeds we will ask you to indicate when you would like your linen and towels to be changed.

Any partly used shampoos and shower gels that are left in the hotel rooms are donated to St George’s Crypt, a local homeless hostel.


Yet further testament of our relentless commitment to looking after the environment can be seen through our recycling systems.

We work with recycling suppliers and subsequently, approximately 40% of our general waste is recycled. Recyclable items such as paper, printer cartridges, batteries and fluorescent lamps are all recycled in the appropriate manner.

Our award-winning hotel in Yorkshire works with Leeds City Council and recycles more than 2,500kg of glass annually.

Throughout Weetwood Hall Estate’s ongoing refurbishment programme, the existing furniture in our bedrooms has been recycled by a social-based project in Salford known as the Community Transport.


Our Leeds hotel and conference venue’s marketing department collaborates with stationery suppliers who use paper from sustainable sources as well as water-based inks.

Furthermore, before our paper is recycled, we strive to ensure each side has been used and printed on, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our administration work.


Here at Weetwood Hall Estate in Headingley, we prioritise working with suppliers who are driven by a similar environmental ethos as ourselves.


One thing you’ll notice if you visit our stylish and contemporary hotel and conference venue in Leeds is the fresh plants on display. We are committed to bringing nature indoors and our plant displays are refreshed seasonally.

All of Weetwood Hall Estate’s garden waste is recycled and we even collect rainwater to feed our seasonal plants.

The environmentally-conscious team at Weetwood Hall Estate endeavours to encourage wildlife at our hotel. Butterflies and bees thrive on the lavender and buddleia we have planted in our stunning grounds and gardens, whilst a family of foxes and a number of different bird species that live in our woodland enjoy the natural undisturbed habitat.

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